Stephen D. Houston

The Shape of ScriptSAR Press PublicationThe Shape of Script: How and Why Writing Systems ChangeThis book builds on earlier projects about the origins and extinctions of script traditions throughout the world in an effort to address the fundamental questions of how and why writing systems change. The contributors—who study ancient scripts from Arabic to Roman, from Bronze Age China to Middle Kingdom Egypt—utilize an approach that views writing less as a technology than as a mode of communication, one that is socially learned and culturally transmitted.
2007, April 15–19
Advanced SeminarThe Shape of Script: How and Why Writing Systems ChangeScholars of this advanced seminar met to address the question of what happens to a writing system between the time of its inception and the time of its extinction. Discrediting the notion that a writing system remains static throughout the span of its existence, participating experts in diverse script traditions from around the globe discussed the ways in which various forces, such as generational transfer, aesthetics, and technologies, influence writing systems.
National Endowment for the Humanities Resident ScholarKings of Stone, Bodies of Desire: Experience and Being Among the Classic Maya

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