SAR Researchers

The School for Advanced Research (SAR) is home to several administrative faculty, research associates, and senior scholars who are actively engaged in research and writing in the social sciences, humanities, and Native arts.

Current Researchers
Resident Scholar Dean FalkDean FalkSenior Scholar, 2010–PresentDean Falk is a biological anthropologist who studies the evolution of the brain and cognition. Current writing projects focus on the endocast of an australopithecine infant, the evolution of the neurological substrates of conscience, and Charles Darwin’s views about human evolution.
George J. GumermanGeorge J. GumermanSenior Scholar, 2005–PresentSenior Scholar George J. Gumerman has been a leader in major theoretical advances in his field since the 1960s. He is at the forefront of using computer modeling to simulate the cultural evolution of the prehistoric Southwest.
Nancy Owen LewisNancy Owen LewisScholar-in-Residence, 2011–PresentDr. Nancy Owen Lewis received her PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Massachusetts and has taught anthropology at the University of Alabama and the University of Arkansas. Her current research focuses on the health seeker movement in New Mexico.
Doug SchwartzDouglas W. SchwartzSenior Scholar, 2000–PresentDouglas Schwartz received his B.A. from the University of Kentucky in 1950 and went on to complete his Ph.D in anthropology at Yale University in 1955. He has received numerous honors including a Litt.D. from the University of New Mexico in 1981, and another Litt. D. from the University of Kentucky in 1989.
David E. StuartDavid E. StuartSenior Scholar, 2013–PresentDr. Stuart is an internationally recognized anthropologist whose most cited books are Prehistoric New Mexico, Anasazi America, The Guaymas Chronicles, and the recently released Ancient People of the Pajarito Plateau. He earned his PhD in anthropology from the University of New Mexico and he served many years at UNM as associate provost for academic affairs.
Nicole TaylorNicole TaylorStaff Scholar, 2011–PresentDr. Taylor, SAR's Director of Scholar Programs, holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Arizona. Her research explores the interplay between gender, identity, and everyday discourse among youth vis-à-vis sociocultural factors related to weight.

Former Senior Scholars
SARN. Scott MomadaySenior Scholar, 2006–2010Scott Momaday is a poet, a Pulitzer prize-winning novelist, a playwright, a painter, a storyteller, and a professor of English and American literature. He is a Native American (Kiowa), and among his chief interests are Native American art and oral tradition.
SARLinda S. CordellSenior Scholar, 2006–2013Linda S. Cordell (1943–2013) was an archaeologist whose primary research was in the U.S. Southwest with an emphasis on the 14th- and 15th-century northern and central Rio Grande Valley Ancestral Pueblo peoples.
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