Simon Craddock Lee

2014, September 24–25
Negotiating Structural Vulnerability in Cancer Control: Contemporary Challenges for Applied Anthropology seminar participantsShort SeminarNegotiating Structural Vulnerability in Cancer Control: Contemporary Challenges for Applied AnthropologyThis seminar focused on cancer control research among structurally vulnerable populations, shifting the analytic focus from the individual to the individual in her social, economic, and cultural contexts to offer insight into such “bottom line” concerns as lowering the cost of care and improving health outcomes, while also addressing, and potentially ameliorating, the effects of social inequality.
Confronting CancerSAR Press PublicationConfronting Cancer: Metaphors, Advocacy, and AnthropologyIn this book, anthropologists examine the lived experiences of individuals confronting cancer and reveal the social context in which prevention and treatment may succeed or fail.
2006, April 30–May 4
Advanced SeminarCultural Perspectives on Cancer: From Metaphor to AdvocacyFrom expressions such as “the war on cancer” to “poverty as a cancerous blight,” cancer is steeped in metaphors. Anthropologists have spent the last few decades both creating and explicating these metaphors. Their work has examined cancer symbols and etiologies, concepts of risk, prevention and detection, treatment and healing, communication practices, the role of gender, and science's ability to progress in finding cancer genes, to name a few.

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