Pottery Mound

Short Seminar

May 11–12, 2004

In May, Museum of New Mexico, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture research associate Polly Schaafsma convened a two-day seminar about the site of Pottery Mound, an early Pueblo IV site of approximately 500 rooms located on the Rio Puerco west of Los Lunas, New Mexico. Although the site is distinctive because of its outstanding kiva murals and large volume of ceramics, no single work exists that considers Pottery Mound as a whole, causing the site to have been marginalized. “The goal of the seminar was to construct a holistic picture of the site from multiple perspectives and to evaluate it in a regional context, bringing the archaeological picture up to date,” said Schaafsma. Participants included scholars who worked at Pottery Mound recording the murals in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Polly Schaafsma, Chair Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Laboratory of Anthropology, Museum of New Mexico The Pottery Mound Murals and Rock Art: The Broader Iconographic Context
Michael Adler Department of Anthropology, Southern Methodist University Building Identities: Architecture and Cultural Affinities in Pueblo IV Settlements along the Rio Puerco
Jean Ballagh Maxwell Museum, University of New Mexico Guest
Linda S. Cordell University Museum, University of Colorado, Boulder Mound at Pottery Mound
Helen Crotty Retired, Western Pueblo Influences at Pottery Mound
Suzanne Eckert Department of Anthropology, Arizona State University Understanding the Dynamics of Segregation and Incorporation at Pottery Mound thru analysis of Glaze-Decorated Bowls
Kelley Hays-Gilpin Department of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University People and Pottery: Ceramic Style, Technology, and Exchange of Sikyatki Style Pottery among the 15th Century Pueblos -or- Pottery Mound, a View from Antelope Mesa
David A. Phillips Jr. Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico Guest
Douglas W. Schwartz School for Advanced Research Guest
R. Gwinn Vivian Retired, Arizona State Museum Archaeological Investigations at Pottery Mound: The UNM Field School 1954-1961
Laurie D. Webster Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona Ritual Costuming at Pottery Mound: The Pottery Mound Textiles in Regional Perspective
David R. Wilcox Museum of Northern Arizona Discussant

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