Native Women’s Cultural Matters

Short Seminar

March 21–23, 2005

The participants in this seminar are women of various walks of life and Native nations. They shared their thoughts about the continuation and revitalization of Native women’s ceremonies, repatriation of Native cultural items, protection of Native sacred objects and sacred places, and other cultural matters.

Suzan Shown Harjo, Chair Cheyenne/Muscogee, President and CEO of The Morning Star Institute, Washington, D.C.
Virginia Beavert Yakama,
Sadie Buck Seneca, Cultural Rights Specialist, Singer
Katsi Cook Mohawk, Healer, Educator, Midwife
Faith Spotted Eagle Ihanktonwan Dakota/Nakota, Co-founder, Braveheart Society
Melody George Hupa, Medicine Woman
J. Kehaulani Kauanui Hawaiian, Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University
Beatrice Medicine Sihasapa Lakota/Standing Rock Sioux, Research Anthropologist, Warrior Women, Inc.
Tessie Naranjo Santa Clara Pueblo, Cultural Research Independent Consultant
Lois J. Risling Director, The Center for Indian Community Development, Humboldt State University

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