Challenges and Problems Facing University-Based Museums in the New Century

Short Seminar

October 15–16, 2000

The directors of six major university-based museums met at SAR on October 15-16, 2000, to discuss "Challenges and Problems Facing University-Based Museums in the New Century." The SAR-sponsored session, organized by Jeremy Sabloff, director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, provided an opportunity for participants to compare issues and discuss possible solutions to the many complex questions facing museums now and in the years ahead. Rubie Watson, director of the Peabody Museum, Harvard University, said, "I found our discussions very profitable. It became clear that we share many common problems, and it was very good to hear how these problems are being tackled at other institutions. I came away with a sense of comradeship and ideas."

Jeremy Sabloff, Chair University of Pennsylvania Museum
Richard Burger Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
Linda Cordell University of Colorado Museum
George Gumerman Arizona State Museum
Patrick Kirch Hearst Museum, University of California, Berkeley
Rubie Watson Peabody Museum, Harvard University,

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