Severin Fowles

2015, October 18–22
Puebloan Societies: New Perspectives Across the SubfieldsAdvanced SeminarPuebloan Societies: New Perspectives Across the SubfieldsThis seminar’s purpose was to address Puebloan social formations of the past and present from a variety of comparative perspectives using a four-field anthropological approach, and to reconnect the currently disjointed anthropological sub-fields, especially archaeology and ethnology, and to develop new perspectives on Puebloan social societies.
Severin FowlesWeatherhead Resident ScholarComanche New Mexico: An Archaeology
An Archaeology of DoingsSAR Press PublicationAn Archaeology of Doings: Secularism and the Study of Pueblo ReligionIn this probing study, Severin Fowles undertakes a sustained critique of religion as an analytical category in archaeological research.

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