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Photography in Archaeological Research

Edited by Elmer Harp, Jr.

Photography in Archaeological Research1975. 404 pp., 112 illustrations, 22 tables, notes, reference, index, 6 x 91975. 404 pp., 112 illustrations, 22 tables, notes, reference, index, 6 x 9

Contemporary archaeology is increasingly reliant upon photography as a working tool and as a medium for communicating the results of field research. The chapters in this book provide detailed, practical advice and information on photography in the field—from the air, underwater, and in the lab.

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Contributors: Bruce Bevan, Peter Dechert, Charles C. Di Peso, J. N. Hampton, Elmer Harp Jr., Otis Imboden Jr., Elizabeth K. Ralph, Jack N. Rinker, Donald M. Rosencrantz, Danger Sanger, Martin L. Scott, John Vickers, Julian H. Whittlesey, Richard S. Williams Jr.

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