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Meaning in Anthropology

Meaning in Anthropology1976. 274 pp., Figures, tables, notes, references, index., 6 x 91976. 274 pp., Figures, tables, notes, references, index., 6 x 9

“Cultural anthropology’s main contribution to science has always been the investigation of the range of human cultures and the demonstration of the variety, including variety in symbols and meanings, in these cultures. In recent years, anthropological interest in meaning and symbolism has increased and moved into new types of analysis. Meaning in Anthropology is a useful array of papers representing some of these. Linguistics has had an especially strong influence on this movement, and a number of contributions show that influence.”—Science

“Its strength lies in the wide variety and scope of creative thought applied to the concept of culture, and its relation to language in the widest sense.… In all, the volume is wider in scope than any other comparable current volume.”—Perspective

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Contributors: Keith Basso, Roy G. D'Andrade, Susan Ervin-Tripp, Clifford Geertz, Fadwa El Guindi, Harold W. Scheffler, David M. Schneider, Henry A. Selby, Michael Silverstein

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