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Lowland Maya Settlement Patterns

Edited by Wendy Ashmore

Lowland Maya Settlement Patterns1981. 484 pp., 10 maps, 45 figures, 17 tables, 6 x 91981. 484 pp., 10 maps, 45 figures, 17 tables, 6 x 9

This book is a series of essays that offers a framework for the study of lowland Maya settlement patterns, surveying the range of interpretive ideas about ancient Maya remains. Suggesting hypotheses to guide future research, the articles discuss historical, geographical, chronological, and theoretical matters.

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Contributors: R. E. W. Adams, Wendy Ashmore, David A. Freidel, Silvia Garza T., Norman Hammond, Peter D. Harrison, William A. Haviland, Edward B. Kurjack, Richard M. Leventhal, Dennis E. Puleston, Don S. Rice, William T. Sanders, Woodruff D. Smith, Ellen Sue Turner, Norman I. Turner, Gordon R. Willey

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