Sabiyha Robin Prince

Afro-Atlantic DialoguesSAR Press PublicationAfro-Atlantic Dialogues: Anthropology in the DiasporaThis book breaks new theoretical and methodological ground in the study of the African diaspora in the Atlantic world. Leading scholars of archaeology, linguistics, and socio-cultural anthropology draw upon extensive field experiences and archival investigations of black communities in North America, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa to challenge received paradigms in Afro-American anthropology.
1999, April 10–16
Advanced SeminarFrom Africa to the Americas: New Directions in Afro-American Anthropology“The study of the African diaspora begins with an enigma,” said Kevin Yelvington, chair of this year’s advanced seminar on From Africa to the Americas: New Directions in Afro-American Anthropology. “The transatlantic slave trade was an unprecedented and unparalleled migration of people, linked to a confluence of political, economic, and historical events different from other fields of anthropology.” To forge new directions in this field, contemporary investigations into the nature of African-derived cultures in the New World must be located within that context, and take into consideration the traditional concerns of scholarship on the African diaspora.

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