Robert W. Preucel

Enduring ConquestsSAR Press PublicationEnduring Conquests: Rethinking the Archaeology of Resistance to Spanish Colonialism in the AmericasEnduring Conquests presents new interpretations of Native American experiences under Spanish colonialism and challenges the reader to reexamine long-standing assumptions about the Spanish conquests of the Americas.
2008, November 5–6
The Archaeology of Indigenous Resistance to the Spanish ConquestShort SeminarThe Archaeology of Indigenous Resistance to the Spanish ConquestParticipants of this seminar explored various forms of indigenous resistance during the Spanish colonial era through the usage of archaeology.
Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer ScholarArchaeological Semiotics
The Peopling of BandelierSAR Press PublicationThe Peopling of Bandelier: New Insights from the Archaeology of the Pajarito PlateauFew visitors to the stunning Frijoles Canyon at Bandelier National Monument realize that its depths embrace but a small part of the archaeological richness of the vast Pajarito Plateau west of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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