Rina Swentzell

In Search of ChacoSAR Press PublicationIn Search of Chaco: New Approaches to an Archaeological EnigmaStartling discoveries and impassioned debates have emerged from the “Chaco Phenomenon” since the publication of New Light on Chaco Canyon twenty years ago. This completely updated edition features seventeen original essays, scores of photographs, maps, and site plans, and the perspectives of archaeologists, historians, and Native American thinkers.
1997, May 18–22
Advanced SeminarEvolving New Strategies for Conserving Cultural PropertiesA special seminar was held in May 1997 to examine the worldwide crisis brought about by the market for antiquities illicitly removed from ancient sites.
Katrin H. Lamon Resident ScholarSeven Santa Clara Pueblo Women: Defining a Feminine Worldview (with Tessie Naranjo)

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