Ramson Lomatewama

Reassembling the CollectionSAR Press PublicationReassembling the Collection: Ethnographic Museums and Indigenous AgencyReassembling the Collection presents innovative approaches to the study of historical and contemporary engagements between museums and the various individuals and communities who were (and are) involved in their production and consumption.
Ramson LomatewamaRollin and Mary Ella King ArtistRamson Lomatewama, a Hopi poet, jeweler, traditional-style katsina doll carver, stained glass artist, and glassblower, has been named the 2005 Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellow at the School for Advanced Research.
2004, January 26–30
IARC SeminarKatsina CarversHopi carvers from throughout the Southwest convened at the School for Advanced Research on January 26–30, 2004.

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