Patrick V. Kirch

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Roots of ConflictSAR Press PublicationRoots of Conflict: Soils, Agriculture, and Sociopolitical Complexity in Ancient Hawai‘iRoots of Conflict presents the efforts of a team of social and natural scientists to understand the complex, systemic linkages between land, climate, crops, human populations, and their cultural structures.
The Model-Based Archaeology of Socionatural SystemsSAR Press PublicationThe Model-Based Archaeology of Socionatural SystemsHow should archaeologists and other social scientists tackle the big and little questions about change in socionatural systems? Although fieldwork is certainly the place to start, it alone is not enough to answer troublesome "how" or "why" questions. To make sense of what they find in the field, archaeologists build models-possible explanations for the data.
2006, October 29–November 2
Soils, Dryland Agriculture, and Social Complexity in Ancient Hawai’i: A Model System for Human EcodynamicsAdvanced SeminarSoils, Dryland Agriculture, and Social Complexity in Ancient Hawai’i: A Model System for Human Ecodynamics
2000, October 15–16
Short SeminarChallenges and Problems Facing University-Based Museums in the New CenturyThe SAR-sponsored session, organized by Jeremy Sabloff, director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, provided an opportunity for participants to compare issues and discuss possible solutions to the many complex questions facing museums now and in the years ahead.
Anahulu by Patrick V. Kirch and Marshall SahlinsJ. I. Staley PrizeAnahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii 
Explorations in EthnoarchaeologySAR Press PublicationExplorations in Ethnoarchaeology

By observing changes in ancient midden deposits, or modern waste, the ethnoarchaeologist is able to theorize about relationships between these material remains and the human behavior that produced them. The contributors to this book cover diverse societies and attempt to establish behavioral patterns from the study of what humans leave behind.

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