The School for Advanced Research (SAR) is a dynamic environment, with artists, scholars, and staff engaged in a wide variety of exciting activities. Listed below are some recent happenings here at SAR.

Our LivesWednesday, July 30, 2014New Book from SAR Press: Our LivesIn 2004 the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) opened to the general public. This book, in the broadest sense, is about how that museum became what it is today. For many Native individuals, the NMAI, a prominent and permanent symbol of Native presence in America, in the shadow of the Capitol and at the center of federal power, is a triumph.
SAR Senior Scholar Dean Falk (Einstein’s brain not pictured)Wednesday, July 23, 2014Evolution of the Human Neocortex: How Unique Are We?SAR Senior Scholar Dean Falk is featured in a just-released video made during the international conference “Evolution of the Human Neocortex: How Unique Are We?”, held in Surrey, UK, September 22–25, 2013.