The School for Advanced Research (SAR) is a dynamic environment, with artists, scholars, and staff engaged in a wide variety of exciting activities. Listed below are some recent happenings here at SAR.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015Article in Evolutionary Anthropology Discusses Seminar at SAR

In mid-March, The School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico, hosted a short but intense, seminar/workshop on “The Colonization of Africa by Early Anthropoid Primates.” The seminar involved two full and intense days of presentations and discussions, providing an opportunity for a small group of researchers from many different parts of the world to get together and discuss an exciting, controversial, and difficult topic in primate evolution.

Read the article, here. (PDF, 142 KB)

Dorothy GrantWednesday, May 27, 20152007 Dobkin Fellow Dorothy Grant Receives Order of Canada

The School for Advanced Research congratulates 2007 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Native Artist Fellow Dorothy Grant on receiving the prestigious Order of Canada earlier this month. The esteemed fashion designer was honored on May 8 for her contributions to the fashion industry as a Haida artist, designer, mentor.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015Can We Reshape Humanity's Deep Future? Possibilities & Risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human Enhancement, and Other Emerging Technologies, by Nick Bostrom

Dr. Nick Bostrom spends much of his time calculating the possible rewards and dangers of rapid technological advances — how such advances will likely alter the course of human evolution and life as we know it. One useful concept in untangling this puzzle is existential risk — the question of whether an adverse outcome would end human intelligent life or drastically curtail what we, in the infancy of the twenty-first century, would consider a viable future. Figuring out how to reduce existential risk even slightly brings into play an array of thought-provoking issues. Find out more on our Special Event Page.

Dean FalkWednesday, May 6, 2015Dean Falk and Einstein’s Brain in BBC News Magazine

William Kremer of BBC World Service explores the post-mortem “snatching” of Einstein’s brain and traces the history of the subsequent research and researchers, including SAR senior scholar Dean Falk.

The Strange Afterlife of Einstein's Brain.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015Introducing Max Early, SAR's 2015 Indigenous Writer-in-Residence. 
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