Nancy Owen Lewis

Nancy Owen LewisEthel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer ScholarSelling Health in New Mexico: Evidence of Disease in the Land of the Well
Nancy Owen Lewis Scholar-in-Residence
2008, June 25–26
Short SeminarPolicy Under the Influence: Addressing Substance Abuse in New MexicoThis seminar focused on the translation of anthropological research regarding substance abuse in New Mexico into critical policy reform and culturally suitable treatment programs.
A Peculiar AlchemySAR Press PublicationA Peculiar Alchemy: A Centennial History of SAR 1907–2007In 2007, SAR celebrated its 100th anniversary. Established to promote the study of American antiquity, the School now supports wide-ranging programs dedicated to increasing our understanding of human culture and evolution through the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
2005, February 23–24
Short SeminarPublic EthnographyIn hopes of educating and moving the public to action, “Public Ethnography,” a short seminar chaired by Barbara Tedlock and Nancy Owen Lewis, developed a proposal for a book series on the topic that is “socially grounded and emotionally engaged, participatory, collaborative, and well-written.”
2004, October 28–29
Short SeminarWriting Culture Planning SeminarWhat is the current state of anthropological writing? How can it be improved, and what can be done to make it accessible to a broader audience? Nine anthropologists, two editors, and a fiction writer sought answers to these questions at the “Writing Culture Planning Seminar” held on October 28 and 29, 2004.

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