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Teresa Montoya (3-D)Teresa Montoya (3-D)Stereo photograph by Jason S. Ordaz. Request 3-D glasses or build your own (PDF, 315 KB).Teresa Montoya (3-D)Stereo photograph by Jason S. Ordaz. Request 3-D glasses or build your own (PDF, 315 KB).

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Thank you to Indian Arts Research Center staff: Cynthia Chavez Lamar, Elysia Poon, Laura Elliff, Jennifer Day, Sylvanus Paul, and Daniel Kurnit for their assistance in this project. I also wish to acknowledge Melissa Nelson and Lucas Bessire for their filmmaking and editing guidance. Finally, I wish to express gratitude to Marla Allison and Aric Chopito for their participation in film interviews and inspiration to promote Native art in all its forms and mediums.

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