Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good

Pharmaceutical SelfSAR Press PublicationPharmaceutical Self: The Global Shaping of Experience in an Age of PsychopharmacologyThis book addresses a critical contemporary issue—the worldwide proliferation of pharmaceutical use. The contributors explore questions such as: How are culturally constituted selves transformed by regular ingestion of pharmaceutical drugs? Does “being human” increasingly come to mean not only oriented to drugs but also created and regulated by them? From the standpoint of cultural phenomenology, does this reshape human “being”?
2007, October 14–18
Pharmaceutical Self and ImaginaryAdvanced SeminarPharmaceutical Self and Imaginary: Studies in Psychopharmacology and GlobalizationParticipants of this advanced seminar discussed the cultural impact of the increasingly widespread usage of psychopharmacological drugs, specifically in light of how the regular usage of such drugs affects what it means to be human.

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