Lynn M. Morgan

Lynn M. MorganWeatherhead Resident ScholarReproductive Governance in Mexico and Central America
Remaking Life & DeathSAR Press PublicationRemaking Life & Death: Toward an Anthropology of the BiosciencesThe boundaries of life now occupy a place of central concern among biological anthropologists. Because of the centrality of the modern biological definition of life to Euro-American medicine and anthropology, the definition of life itself and its contestation exemplify competing uses of knowledge.
2000, April 30–May 4
Advanced SeminarAnimation and Cessation: Anthropological Perspectives on Changing Definitions of Life and Death in the Context of BiomedicineThis seminar approached the question of life and death as a theoretical and methodological problem, questioning the borders between medical anthropology and other fields of knowledge, such as science studies, cultural studies, and critical theory.....

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