Keith Basso

Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language Among the Western ApacheJ. I. Staley PrizeWisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language Among the Western ApacheBasso explores how the Western Apache of the greater Cibecue region use the names of geographic places to carry multiple layers of meaning and information.
Senses of PlaceSAR Press PublicationSenses of PlaceThe complex relationship of people to places has come under increasing scholarly scrutiny in recent years as acute global conditions of exile, displacement, and inflamed borders-to say nothing of struggles by indigenous peoples and cultural minorities for ancestral homelands, land rights, and retention of sacred places-have brought the political question of place into sharp focus.
1993, March 28–April 1
Advanced SeminarPlace, Expression, and Experience
Keith H. Basso, circa 1977Weatherhead Resident ScholarApache Religion and Ceremonialism
Meaning in AnthropologySAR Press PublicationMeaning in Anthropology

“Cultural anthropology’s main contribution to science has always been the investigation of the range of human cultures and the demonstration of the variety, including variety in symbols and meanings, in these cultures. In recent years, anthropological interest in meaning and symbolism has increased and moved into new types of analysis. Meaning in Anthropology is a useful array of papers representing some of these. Linguistics has had an especially strong influence on this movement, and a number of contributions show that influence.”—Science

1974, March 18–22
Advanced SeminarMeaning in Anthropology: Current Approaches to the Study of Cultural Symbols

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