Jonathan Kamakawiwo’ole Osorio

Law & Empire in the PacificSAR Press PublicationLaw & Empire in the Pacific: Fiji and Hawai’iFocusing on the intimate relationship between law, culture, and the production of social knowledge, these essays re-center law in social theory. The authors analyze the transition from chiefdom to capitalism, colonizers’ racial and governmental ideologies, land and labor policies, and contemporary efforts to recuperate indigenous culture and assert or maintain indigenous sovereignty. Speaking to Fijian and Hawaiian circumstances, this volume illuminates the role of legal and archival practice in constructing ethnic and political identities and producing colonial and anthropological knowledge.
2001, March 18–22
Advanced SeminarLaw and Empire in the Pacific: Intersections of Culture and LegalityThe seminar explored these intersections in a historical and contemporary context through detailed comparisons of Hawai’i and Fiji: two societies that share many features of social composition and historical experience yet differ in their form of legal colonization.....

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