João Biehl

João BiehlEthel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer ScholarThe Valley of Lamentation: Cultural War and Transcendence in Postcolonial Brazil
Cash on the TableSAR Press PublicationCash on the Table: Markets, Values, and Moral EconomiesA great deal is at stake in understanding the moral dimensions of economic behavior and markets. Public debates over executive compensation, the fair trade movement, and recent academic inquiries into the limitations of rational-choice paradigms all point to the relevance of moral values in our economic decision-making processes. Moral values inform economic behavior.
Vita: Life in a Zone of Social AbandonmentJ. I. Staley PrizeVita: Life in a Zone of Social AbandonmentBeginning with a chance encounter in an asylum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, this book traces the life story of resident “Catarina,” as gradually understood by medical anthropologist João Biehl. In relating the six years that follow their meeting, Biehl captures a gripping account of social abandonment and one woman’s creative perseverance in the face of appalling living conditions.
Pharmaceutical SelfSAR Press PublicationPharmaceutical Self: The Global Shaping of Experience in an Age of PsychopharmacologyThis book addresses a critical contemporary issue—the worldwide proliferation of pharmaceutical use. The contributors explore questions such as: How are culturally constituted selves transformed by regular ingestion of pharmaceutical drugs? Does “being human” increasingly come to mean not only oriented to drugs but also created and regulated by them? From the standpoint of cultural phenomenology, does this reshape human “being”?
2009, May 3–7
Markets and MoralitiesAdvanced SeminarMarkets and MoralitiesThis seminar documented how specific moral values are embedded in global economic systems, and it provided ethnographic examinations of how economic systems and institutions touch down in local and national contexts.
2007, October 14–18
Pharmaceutical Self and ImaginaryAdvanced SeminarPharmaceutical Self and Imaginary: Studies in Psychopharmacology and GlobalizationParticipants of this advanced seminar discussed the cultural impact of the increasingly widespread usage of psychopharmacological drugs, specifically in light of how the regular usage of such drugs affects what it means to be human.

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