Janine Gasco

2008, September 27–October 3
Advanced SeminarColonial and Postcolonial Change in Mesoamerica: Archaeology as Historical AnthropologyScholars of this advanced seminar examined the transition of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica into modern-day Mexico and Central America by utilizing archaeological evidence that sheds light onto aspects of Native society that remain otherwise obscure when viewed solely through a traditional historic lens.
The Archaeology of Colonial EncountersSAR Press PublicationThe Archaeology of Colonial Encounters: Comparative PerspectivesColonialism and its legacies have emerged as one of the most important research topics in anthropology. Indeed, we now understand that colonialism gave rise to and shaped the discipline. However, the understanding of colonization in anthropology, history, and other fields derives largely from studies of European expansion.
2000, March 19–23
Advanced SeminarThe Archaeology of Colonization in Cross-Cultural PerspectiveThis seminar examined colonization from a cross-cultural perspective. Participants prepared and circulated papers prior to the meeting on topics ranging from European colonial expansion and early Old World colonization efforts (Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Greece, and Rome) to the establishment of foreign enclaves by indigenous New World states, such as Teotihuacan, Wari, Tiwanaku, and Inka....

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