Jane E. Buikstra

Breathing New Life into the Evidence of DeathSAR Press PublicationBreathing New Life into the Evidence of Death: Contemporary Approaches to BioarchaeologyTaking cues from current theoretical perspectives and capitalizing on the strengths of new and sophisticated methods of analysis, Breathing New Life into the Evidence of Death showcases the vibrancy of bioarchaeological research and its potential for bringing “new life” to the field of mortuary archaeology and the study of human remains.
2008, September 11–12
Breathing New Life Into the Evidence of DeathShort SeminarBreathing New Life Into the Evidence of DeathThis seminar gave various bioarchaeologists the opportunity to discuss their most up-to-date methods and theories regarding mortuary evidence.
2001, July 27–29
Short SeminarBioarchaeology: The People of Arroyo HondoThis seminar brought together eleven participants and three discussants to explore the applications of bioarchaeology—the study of human remains through archaeology—to the Arroyo Hondo site in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as to the broader field of Southwestern Archaeology.
The Chemistry of Prehistoric Human BoneSAR Press PublicationThe Chemistry of Prehistoric Human Bone

Bone chemistry is one of the most promising analytical methods now being used by archaeologists and physical anthropologists to investigate the past of the human species, and this state-of-the-art book includes many of the leading scientists in the field among its contributors.

National Endowment for the Humanities Resident ScholarBio-Archaeology: Exploring the Biocultural Interface

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