Harvey W. Branigar Jr. Internship

In 1995, the Harvey W. Branigar Jr. Native Fellowship was created in order to support Native individuals in pursuit of a museum or cultural center career. From 1995–2001, the Indian Arts Research Center was pleased to provide six nine-month long internships to a wide array of young men and women eager to pursue their goals.

In 2008, the IARC reintroduced the Harvey W. Branigar Native Fellowship as the Harvey W. Branigar Native Internship. Revamped as a comprehensive internship allowing Native individuals to equally pursue museum and academic work, the Branigar internship provided a strong background to advanced students interested in pursuing museum training and stimulating academic intellectual thought. Although this program ended in 2010, two intern positions made available under the Anne Ray Internship program continue to be available.

Kendall Tallmadge, Native Intern Kendall Tallmadge
Jessica Metcalfe Jessica Metcalfe
SAR Miles Miller
SAR Cindy Burnett
SAR Ron Martinez Looking Elk
SAR Kawenniiosta (Yosta) Boots
SAR Tony Chavarria

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