Hugh Gusterson

Hugh Gusterson, 2016 Summer ScholarEthel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer ScholarSimulating Armageddon: Nuclear Weapons Scientists after the Cold War
Half-Lives & Half-TruthsSAR Press PublicationHalf-Lives & Half-Truths: Confronting the Radioactive Legacies of the Cold WarThe long Cold War of the twentieth century has ended, but only now are the poisonous legacies of that “first nuclear age” coming to light. Activists and anthropologists, the authors of this volume reveal the devastating, complex, and long-term environmental health problems afflicting the people who worked in uranium mining and processing, lived in regions dedicated to the construction of nuclear weapons or participated, often unknowingly, in radiation experiments.
Weatherhead Resident ScholarAmerican Ideology and Discourse in the Nuclear Age

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