Hattula Moholy-Nagy

TikalSAR Press PublicationTikal: Dynasties, Foreigners, & Affairs of State: Advancing Maya ArchaeologyNew insights from the Tikal excavations and epigraphic breakthroughs suggest that a thriving marketplace existed in the center of the city, that foreigners comprised a significant element of its populace, and that differences in tomb form and contents signal the changing fortunes of Tikal's rulers.
1999, September 26–30
Advanced SeminarChanging Perspectives on Tikal and the Development of Ancient Maya CivilizationThe Advanced Seminar participants included eight scholars who worked at Tikal during the 1950s and 1960s. Of particular value was the sharing of new information about Tikal that has emerged since the close of the fieldwork there. Thirty years represents a relatively short a period of time, but, said seminar chair Jeremy Sabloff, “for Maya studies, it is like an eternity.”

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