Harri Englund

Forces of CompassionSAR Press PublicationForces of Compassion: Humanitarianism Between Ethics and PoliticsSuffering and charity have a long history. Both human sorrows and attempted remedies were familiar features of life in earlier eras and religious traditions, however, during the final decades of the twentieth century, natural disasters and civilian casualties of war transformed into “humanitarian crises.” In these recurring dramas presented by international media, an extensive network of interstate entities and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) supplies assistance to victims.
2008, March 9–13
Between Politics and Ethics: The Anthropology of Global HumanitarianismAdvanced SeminarBetween Politics and Ethics: The Anthropology of Global HumanitarianismFour themes guided this seminar—anthropology’s engagement with humanitarianism, religious and secular cosmologies, political limits, and stakes of intervention—with a special focus on the relationship between humanitarianism and war and the emotional and physical dimensions of humanitarianism.

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