What: ¡First Fridays at Four!

With Special Guests, Rumelia (Women’s Balkan Ensemble)

Who/Where: All Scholars, Artists, Interns, Staff, and Associates of SAR, SAR Boardroom

When: Friday, April 8, 2011, 4:00–6:00 pm

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First FridaysFirst Fridays
First Fridays
Piano in the BoardroomPiano in the Boardroom
Piano in the Boardroom

Come and join us for this special Second Friday at Four, our gathering for staff, artists, interns, scholars, and associates of SAR. This month only, we will meet in the boardroom to enjoy a unique musical experience with Rumelia. Feel free to bring friends and family!

About Rumelia

Rumelia is a group of three women who are putting a new spin on music from Eastern Europe, a region generally known as the Balkans. The music is unique to the western ear in that it uses odd time signatures (think 7/8, 9/8, and 11/8 for starters), as well as eastern scales (maqam) and tonalities. Rumelia’s repertoire is derived from the traditional and popular tunes of Albania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Bulgaria with a little Sefardic and a lot of Roma (Gypsy) music thrown in for good measure.

A mix between Beirut and Balkan Beat Box…A Hawk and a Hack Saw blended with Slavic Soul Party; imagine an Eastern European Bob Dylan with a couple of street musicians in Istanbul—then turn them all into women. That's Rumelia! The band’s name comes from the word “Rumeli” meaning “Land of the Romans,” a Turkish word used to describe the Southern Balkan Region.

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