El Morro and Zuni Pueblo

This Trip is Sold Out Guided by Dr. Jim Kendrick and Randy and Milford Nahohai, with an overnight in Zuni Pueblo

Field Trip

Friday, October 8–Saturday, October 9, 2010

El MorroEl MorroPhotograph courtesy John KantnerEl MorroPhotograph courtesy John Kantner

Pasó por aquí are the simple words carved into Inscription Rock at El Morro National Monument in northwestern New Mexico. This massive sandstone bluff with a pool of water at its base sits on a main east-west trail that was used for centuries by travelers. The Zunis call it “Atsinna”—place of writings on the rock—and the earliest Spaniards called it “El Morro”—the Headland. Over the centuries those who traveled this trail inscribed their stories, symbols, names, and dates on this rock. High on the mesa top sits the ancient ruin of Atsinna Pueblo, where the ancestors of the Zuni people lived in the 14th century before moving 30 miles farther west to their current location in the Zuni Valley. Guided by Dr. Jim Kendrick, the park archaeologist, we will visit the inscriptions and the pueblo ruins during an afternoon visit to El Morro.

A short drive brings us to Zuni Pueblo and our accommodations, The Inn at Halona, a bed and breakfast located right in the middle of Zuni Pueblo. Our stay at the Inn will be a memorable experience—each room is different, uniquely furnished and decorated with arts and crafts made by local Zuni artists. The Inn has several private outdoor flagstone patio areas, and a tree-shaded deck provides us with a feel of the Inn’s neighborhood and of Zuni’s natural environment.

Zuni is the largest and most traditional of all the New Mexico Pueblos, with a unique language, culture, and history. Art is one of the Pueblo’s most important industries, including inlay silver work, stone fetish carving, and pottery. We will visit the Nahohai Clayworks, the pottery studio of Randy and Milford Nahohai, who have maintained a family tradition of creating beautiful pottery. Milford was co-author of Dialogues with Zuni Potters (1995), which features interviews with 14 Zuni potters. The Nahohai brothers still dig their own clay and gather organic materials to create natural paints. A Zuni guide will take us through the Old Mission with its famous murals of Zuni ceremonial figures, and walk us through the Middle Village, the historic residential community of Zuni.

Activity Level: Moderate, a includes a 2-mile loop trail with uphill climb to visit Atsinna Pueblo and a ½-mile walk to Inscription Rock.

Cost: Per person, varied, includes van transportation from SAR, overnight accommodations at The Inn at Halona, all meals, and guided tours. Special Note: Zuni Pueblo, like many of New Mexico’s rural communities, has barking dogs, and our accommodations at the Halona Inn places us in the center of village life. Photography is allowed only with a special Photography Permit.

  • $230 (double occupancy)
  • $260 (single occupancy)

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