Edward F. Fischer

Cash on the TableSAR Press PublicationCash on the Table: Markets, Values, and Moral EconomiesA great deal is at stake in understanding the moral dimensions of economic behavior and markets. Public debates over executive compensation, the fair trade movement, and recent academic inquiries into the limitations of rational-choice paradigms all point to the relevance of moral values in our economic decision-making processes. Moral values inform economic behavior.
2009, May 3–7
Markets and MoralitiesAdvanced SeminarMarkets and MoralitiesThis seminar documented how specific moral values are embedded in global economic systems, and it provided ethnographic examinations of how economic systems and institutions touch down in local and national contexts.
Pluralizing EthnographySAR Press PublicationPluralizing Ethnography: Comparison and Representation in Maya Cultures, Histories, and IdentitiesThis volume brings together eight Maya specialists and a prominent anthropological theorist as discussant to assess the contrasting historical circumstances and emerging cultural futures of Maya in Mexico and Guatemala.
2000, October 22–26
Advanced SeminarCulture Theory and Cross-Cultural Comparison: Maya Culture and History in a Multicultural WorldParticipants in the seminar included four scholars of Guatemala, including a prominent Maya scholar-activist, three specialists on Chiapas, and two on the Yucatan. Together they spanned anthropological inquiry in the region from the 1950s to the present. With expertise ranging from Maya linguistics, ritual, and religion, to economics, politics, and history, all participants were fully grounded in long-term, linguistically-informed ethnographic research.

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