Edward A. Jolie

2011, April 26–28
Fiber Perishable Chronologies in the Great Basin of Western North AmericaResearch Team SeminarFiber Perishable Chronologies in the Great Basin of Western North AmericaAn interdisciplinary team with research interests in the fiber perishable artifacts of the Great Basin met to better establish and understand regional cultural chronologies and their broader implications.
2010, March 10–11
New Archaeological Research at Pueblo BonitoResearch Team SeminarNew Archaeological Research at Pueblo Bonito: Reopening National Geographic Society ExcavationsThis National Science Foundation team short seminar supported the synthesis of two separately funded research projects involving the archaeological record at Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
The Great BasinSAR Press PublicationThe Great Basin: People and Place in Ancient TimesThis book is about a place, the Great Basin of western North America, and about the lifeways of Native American people who lived there during the past 13,000 years. The authors highlight the ingenious solutions people devised to sustain themselves in a difficult environment.

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