Duane Anderson

All That GlittersSAR Press PublicationAll That Glitters: The Emergence of Native American Micaceous Art Pottery in Northern New MexicoAll That Glitters, the first comprehensive study of the micaceous pottery tradition in New Mexico, explores the current transition of micaceous pottery from a traditional culinary ware to an exciting contemporary art form. The illustrated catalog of the micaceous pottery collection at SAR's Indian Arts Research Center and a roster of micaceous potters practicing in northern New Mexico today further details the art form.
Duane Anderson Research AssociateNative American Arts, Aesthetics, and Material Culture
1997, May 18–22
Advanced SeminarEvolving New Strategies for Conserving Cultural PropertiesA special seminar was held in May 1997 to examine the worldwide crisis brought about by the market for antiquities illicitly removed from ancient sites.

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