Douglas W. Schwartz

President Emeritus and Senior Scholar
School for Advanced Research,
PO Box 2188, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87504


  • BA, University of Kentucky, 1950
  • Ph D, Yale University, 1955

Honorary Degrees

  • Honorary Doctor of Letters, University of New Mexico, 1981
  • Honorary Doctor of Letters, University of Kentucky, 1989


  • Award of Merit
    American Association for State and Local History,
    for Conceptions of Kentucky Prehistory, 1968
  • Distinguished Service Award
    Santa Fe Rotary Club, 1980
  • Distinguished Service Award
    Society for American Archaeology, 1991
  • Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology
    American Anthropological Association, 1992
  • Luminary, New Mexico Community Foundation, 2007

Professional History

  • Professor of Anthropology and Director,
    Museum of Anthropology,
    University of Kentucky, 1956–1967
  • Academic Assistant to the President,
    University of Kentucky, 1963–1964
  • President and CEO, School for Advanced Research,
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1967–2001
  • Senior Scholar, President Emeritus
    School for Advanced Research, 2001–to present

Anthropological Field Research

  • Southeastern US Archaeology, 1947–1957
  • Southern Italy, Ethnography, 1965–1966
  • Grand Canyon archaeology, 1949–1971
  • Northern Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, 1971–1975
  • The Nurturing of Darwin’s Genius, 1985–2009

Other Professional Activities


  • State of the Parks, Advisory Board,
    National Parks and Conservation Association
  • Board Member, First National Bank of Santa Fe
  • Board Member, Witter-Bynner Foundation for Poetry


  • President of the Board, Jane Goodall
    African Wildlife Institute, 1986–1987
  • President, Society for American Archaeology, 1973–1974
  • Chairman, Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry
  • Chairman, Harvard University Overseers’
    Committee on the Peabody Museum
  • Chairman, Secretary of the Interior’s Advisory Board on
    National Parks, Historic Sites and Monuments, 1978
    On National Board 1973–1978
  • Chairman, Anthropology Panel, Fulbright-Hays
    Postdoctoral Awards, 1967–1968
  • Director, Carnegie Foundation and Southern Regional
    Educational Board Seminars on
    “Creativity in the College Classroom”
  • President of Board, Santa Fe Preparatory School, 1973–1974
  • Vice-President, Archaeological Conservancy, 1979–1980
  • Vice-President, University of Kentucky
    Association of University Professors, 1956–1966
  • Program Chairman, Pecos Archaeological Conference, 1969
  • Program Chairman, Society for American Archaeology, 1960
  • Board Member, First United Bank Group,
    New Mexico and Texas, 1982–1994
  • Member, Grand Canyon Science Advisory
  • Board Member, National Trust for the Humanities
  • Member, Long Range Planning Committee,
    American Anthropological Association, 1999–2000
  • Memoir Editor, Society for American Archaeology, 1965–1966
  • Member, Honorary Board, National Museum of the
    American Indian, Smithsonian Institution
  • Member, Finance Committee, American Anthropological Association
  • General Editor, University of Kentucky Studies in Anthropology
  • General Editor, School of American Research,
    Advanced Seminar Series, 1972–2001


Books, monographs, articles, chapters and forewords separated by topic below on: Kentucky archaeology; Grand Canyon archaeology; Northern Rio Grand archaeology; North American prehistory; social consequences of human migration; the history and sociology of American archaeology; the history of Chinese poetry; and forewords to over 40 volumes of scholarship in the School of American Research Advanced Seminar series.

Kentucky Archaeology

  • 1951, Archaeological Survey of Celina Reservoir Project,
    Monroe County, Kentucky
    , River Basin Surveys,
    Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
  • 1956, “Prehistoric Man in Mammoth Cave,”
    Scientific American, 203:1:130-40.
  • 1957, “A Key to Prehistoric Kentucky Pottery,” in
    Transactions of the Kentucky Academy of Science
  • 1958, "Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of the
    Rough River Basin, Kentucky," (with T. Sloan);
    Department of the Interior, National Park Service,
    Richmond, Virginia (Mimeographed Report).
  • 1958, "Survey of the Archeological Resources of the
    Barkley Reservior, Kentucky,: (with T. Sloan)
    Department of the Interior, National Park Service,
    Richmond, Virginia.
  • 1958, "Agency Seeks Out Relics of States Ancient Past,"
    The Commonwealth, Vol. 2(1) 6
  • 1960, "Archaeological Survey of the Nolin River Reservoir,"
    Department of the Interior, National Park Service,
    Richmond, Virginia, (Mimeographed Report).
  • 1960, "Archeological Survey of the Barkley Reservior."
  • 1960, "Archeological Base Map and Survey of Mammoth
    Cave National Park."
  • 1960, "Prehistoric Man in Mammoth Cave," Scientific
    , July, Vol. 203, No. 1, pp. 130-140.
  • 1961, The Tinsley Hill Site; A Late Prehistoric
    Stone Granve Cemetary in Lyon County, Kentucky
    Studies in Anthropology, No. I, Univeristy of Kentucky.
  • 1962, The Driskill Site: A Late Woodland Occupation
    In the Lower Cumberland River Valley
    , Transactions
    of the Kentucky Academy of Science, 23(1-2):1-13.
  • 1962, "An Archeological Survey of Fishtrap Reservior,"
    National Park Service (Mimeographed Report, 10pp.).
  • 1963, "Archeological Survey of the Laurel River Reservior,"
    Department of the Interior.
  • 1964, Prehistoric Man in Mammoth Cave.
    National Park Service, Washington, D.C.
  • 1967, Conceptions of Kentucky Prehistory,
    1661-1957: A Care Study in the History of
    . University of Kentucky Press, Lexington.
  • 1991, “An’ Stuff Like That There” in Appreciation of William
    G. Haag
    . Louisiana Archaeology, Bulletin of the
    Louisiana Archaeological Society, No. 18.
  • 1992, "Foreword" to Kentucky Prehistory, ed. R. Barry Lewis,
    University Press of Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky.

Grand Canyon Archaeology and Ethnography

  • 1951, “Structures: (with Jeremiah Epstein): Chapter 8 in
    The Cohonina Culture of Northwestern Arizona, pp55-86
    ed. by John McGregor, University of Illinois Press, Urbana.
  • 1955, "Havasupai Prehistory: Thirteen Centuries of Cultural
    Development. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation,
    Department of Anthropology, Yale University, New Haven Connecticut.
  • 1955, “Split-Twig Figurines in the Grand Canyon”
    (with Arthur L. Lange and Raymond DeSaussure)
    American Antiquity 23:3:264-741.
  • 1956a, “Demographic Changes in the Early Periods of
    Cohonina Prehistory”, in Prehistoric Settlement Patterns
    in the New World
    , pp. 26-31. edited by Gordon R. Willey,
    Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology, New York.
  • 1956b, “The Havasupai 600 A.D. – 1955 A.D.: A Short
    Culture History,” Plateau 28:77- 85. Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff.
  • 1957a, “Climate Change and Culture History in the
    Grand Canyon Region,” American Antiquity 22:4:372-377
  • 1957b, "A Cohonino Cremation" Plateau, 29:3:63-65.
    (with Milton Wetherill). Museum of Northern Arizona. Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • 1958, “Prehistoric Man in the Grand Canyon”
    Scientific American, 198:2:97-102.
  • 1959, “Culture Area and Time Depth: The Four Worlds of
    the Havasupai,” American Anthropologist, 61:6:1060-70.
  • 1960, “Archaeological Investigations in the Shinumo Area
    of the Grand Canyon National Park” Plateau 32:3:61-67.
  • 1963, “An Archaeological Survey of Nankoweap Canyon,
    Grand Canyon National Park,” American Antiquity, 28:3:289-302.
  • 1965, “Nankoweap to Unkar: An Archaeological Survey
    of the Upper Grand Canyon,” American Antiquity, 30:3:278-96.
  • 1966a, "Cultural Consequences of Migration: An Archaeological
    Test. Grant application to the National Science
    Foundation. Manuscript n file, Grand Canyon National
    Park Museum Collections, Grand Canyon, Arizona.
  • 1966b, “An Historical Analysis and Synthesis of Grand
    Canyon Archaeology,” American Antiquity, 31:469-84.
  • 1969a, "Grand Canyon Prehistory. In Geology and History of
    the Grand Canyon Region
    , edited by Donald L. Barnes,
    pp. 35-40, 5th Field Conference, Powell Centennial River
    Expedition, 1969. Four Corners Geological Society, Durango, Colorado.
  • 1969b, "Archaeology" in Grand Canyon River Guide, Westwater
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  • 1970, “The Post-migration Culture: A Basis for
    Archaeological Inference” Reconstructing Prehistoric
    Pueblo Societies
    . William Longacre, ed.
    School of American Resarch, Advanced Seminar Book,
    University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.
  • 1978, "Archaeological Investigations in the Grand Canyon,"
    National Geographic Society Research Reports (1969 Projects) Washington, D.C.
  • 1979, Archaeology of the Grand Canyon: The Bright Angel Site
    (with Michael Marshall and Jane Kepp. Grand Canyon
    Archaeological Series, Vol. I, School of American Research. Santa Fe.
  • 1980, Archaeology of the Grand Canyon: Unkar Delta
    (with Richard Chapman and Jane Kepp) Grand Canyon
    Archaeological Series, Vol. 2. School of American Research, Santa Fe.
  • 1981, Archaeology of the Grand Canyon: The Walhalla
    (with Richard Chapman and Jane Kepp)
    Grand Archaeological Series, Vol. 2. School of American Research, Santa Fe.
  • 1983, “Havasupai,” in Handbook of North American
    , Vol. 10, edited by Alphanso Ortiz, Smithsonian
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  • 1989, On the Edge of Splendor: Exploring Grand Canyon’s
    Human Past
    , School of American Research, SAR Press, Santa Fe.
  • 2007, "Archaeology" in Grand Canyon River Guide, Westwater
    Books, Evergreen Colorado. (revised from 1969, in press)
  • 2008, “Archaeology of the Grand Canyon: A Personal Look Back”
    In Reflections of Grand Canyon Historians: Ideas, Arguments,
    and First-Person Accounts
    . Ed. by Todd R. Berger,
    Grand Canyon Association. Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Northern Rio Grande Archaeology

  • 1971, “Background Report on the Archaeology of Arroyo
    Hondo: First Arroyo Hondo Field Report”. School of
    American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • 1972, “Archaeological Investigations at the Arroyo Hondo Site:
    Second Field Report 1971”. School of American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • 1973, (with R.W. Lang) “Archaeological Investigations at the
    Arroyo Hondo Site: Third Field Report”. School of
    American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • 1980–2004, Principle Investigator, Project Director and
    General Editor, and Forewords to Arroyo Hondo Archaeological Series,
    Volumes 1 – 9, School of American Research Press. Santa Fe.
  • 1981, “Population¸ Culture and Resources: A Rio Grande
    Pueblo Perspective.” Geoscience and Man. Vol. XXII.
  • 2007, “Origins of the Great Southwestern Pueblos”
    Anthronotes. Vol. 28, No. 1 Spring. Museum of Natural
    History, Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.

General Archaeology

  • 1964, “North American Archaeology in Historic Perspective”
    Proceedings of the International Congress of the
    History of the Sciences. Warsaw.
  • 1970, “An Overview and Initial Analysis of a
    Conceptual Inventory of American Archaeology” in
    Proceedings of the Eighth Congress of Anthropological
    and Ethnological Sciences
    . Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1977, “New Lands, New Lives: A New World Revealed:
    An Overview of Discovery and Development in
    American Archaeology,” in Clues to America’s Past.
    National Geographic Society. Washington, D.C.
  • 1981, “A Conceptual Framework for the Sociology of
    Archaeology,” in Essays in Honor of Irving Rouse,
    Mouton & Co, London.
  • 1985, “The Colonizing Experience: A Cross-Cultural
    Perspective” in Interstellar Migration and the
    Human Experience
    . ed. by Ben Finney and Eric Jones.
    University of California Press. Berkeley.
  • 1991, “An’ Stuff Like That There” in Appreciation of William
    G. Haag
    . Louisiana Archaeology, Bulletin of the
    Louisiana Archaeological Society, No. 18.
  • 2001, “Introduction” to An Introduction to the Study of
    Southwestern Archaeology
    ” by Alfred Kidder,
    New edition of 1924 original. Yale University Press.

Other Topics

  • 1964, Creativity in the Classroom Context, Bulletin of the
    Bureau of School Service, 36:4. College of Education,
    University of Kentucky (organizer, editor and introduction
  • 1988, “A Window on the Chinese Mind,” Exploring
    Other Worlds: China
    . SAR Press, Santa Fe.
  • 2008, “An Evolving Genius: The Extraordinary Early
    Life of Charles Darwin”. Anthronotes, Museum of
    Natural History Publication for Educators.
    Smithsonian Institute.
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