Donna Haraway

Remaking Life & DeathSAR Press PublicationRemaking Life & Death: Toward an Anthropology of the BiosciencesThe boundaries of life now occupy a place of central concern among biological anthropologists. Because of the centrality of the modern biological definition of life to Euro-American medicine and anthropology, the definition of life itself and its contestation exemplify competing uses of knowledge.
2000, April 30–May 4
Advanced SeminarAnimation and Cessation: Anthropological Perspectives on Changing Definitions of Life and Death in the Context of BiomedicineThis seminar approached the question of life and death as a theoretical and methodological problem, questioning the borders between medical anthropology and other fields of knowledge, such as science studies, cultural studies, and critical theory.....
Cyborgs & CitadelsSAR Press PublicationCyborgs & Citadels: Anthropological Interventions in Emerging Sciences and TechnologiesSome of the country’s most influential thinkers use anthropological methods and theories to examine the practices and practitioners of contemporary science, technology, and medicine in the United States. The authors explore such questions as how science gains authority to direct truth practices, the boundaries between humans and machines, and how science, technology, and medicine contribute to the fashioning of selves.

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