David Griffith

(Mis)managing MigrationSAR Press Publication(Mis)managing Migration: Guestworkers’ Experiences with North American Labor MarketsToday managed migration is growing in North America. This mirrors the general growth of migration from poorer to richer countries, with more than 200 million people now living outside their natal countries. Faced with this phenomenon, managed migration enables nation-states to regulate those population movements; direct foreign nationals to specific, identified economic sectors that citizens are less likely to care about; match employers who claim labor shortages with highly motivated workers; and offer people from poorer countries higher earning potential abroad through temporary absence from their families and homelands.
2010, August 4–5
Managing and Mismanaging MigrationShort SeminarManaging and Mismanaging Migration: Lessons from Guestworkers’ ExperiencesWith over 132,000 guestworkers from a growing proliferation of supplier nations employed in the United States, and with a global debate surrounding legal and undocumented immigration, this seminar will contribute a timely interdisciplinary perspective on the issue of migration.

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