Circe Sturm

Becoming IndianSAR Press PublicationBecoming Indian: The Struggle over Cherokee Identity in the Twenty-first CenturyIn Becoming Indian, author Circe Sturm examines Cherokee identity politics and the phenomenon of racial shifting. Racial shifters, as described by Sturm, are people who have changed their racial self-identification from non-Indian to Indian on the US Census.
Beyond Red PowerSAR Press PublicationBeyond Red Power: American Indian Politics and Activism since 1900How do we explain not just the survival of Indian people in the United States against very long odds but their growing visibility and political power at the opening of the twenty-first century?
2004, May 19–23
Short SeminarNative American IdentityThis seminar Seminar included valuable insights and contributions to the issue of Native American identity as noted through aspects of blood quantum, sovereignty, gambling, land allotment rights, ancestral and kinship concerns, art, and the environment.
National Endowment for the Humanities Resident ScholarClaiming Redness: The Racial and Cultural Politics of Becoming Cherokee

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