Caroline Brettell

American ArrivalsSAR Press PublicationAmerican Arrivals: Anthropology Engages the New ImmigrationSoaring immigration to the United States in the past few decades has reawakened both popular and scholarly interest in this important issue. American Arrivals highlights the important insights of anthropology for the field of migration studies.
2001, October 7–11
Advanced SeminarAnthropology and Contemporary Immigration“Anthropology and Contemporary Immigration,” took place October 7–11, 2001. Chaired by Nancy Foner, the seminar included ten scholars representing cultural, social, urban, medical, psychological, and feminist anthropology. Describing immigration as one of the most pressing contemporary social issues in the United States, Foner stressed the seminar’s focus on evaluating the unique role of anthropology in the emerging interdisciplinary field of immigrant studies.

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