Carole L. Crumley

2013, October 8–10
Changing the Atmosphere: Anthropological Engagement with Climate ChangeShort SeminarChanging the Atmosphere: Anthropological Engagement with Climate ChangeThis SAR short seminar examined the commonalities and schisms that permeate anthropological approaches to climate change, and looked to the future to configure mutual frontiers of research and engagement.
2008, January 24–27
Short SeminarArchaeology and Sustainability—IHOPEThis seminar brought together archaeologists and climatologists dedicated to furthering archaeology's contributions to debates over sustainability. The group discussed two projects: one concerning the socio-environmental dynamics of a number of past societies, and another focusing on water as an issue of the past and present.
Historical EcologySAR Press PublicationHistorical Ecology: Cultural Knowledge and Changing LandscapesEnvironmental change is one of the most pressing problems facing the world community. In this volume, the authors take a critical step toward establishing a new environmental science by deconstructing the traditional culture/nature dichotomy and placing human/environmental interaction at the center of any new attempts to deal with global environmental change.
1990, October 14–18
Advanced SeminarHistorical Ecology

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