Brenda Child

Indian SubjectsSAR Press PublicationIndian Subjects: Hemispheric Perspectives on the History of Indigenous EducationIndian Subjects brings together an outstanding group of scholars from the fields of anthropology, history, law, education, literature, and Native studies to address indigenous education throughout different regions and eras.
2009, October 28–29
Indian SubjectsShort SeminarIndian Subjects: New Directions in the History of Indigenous EducationThis seminar brought together participants working on the next wave of scholarship in the history of indigenous education. One of the central tenets of the seminar is that multi-sited, multi-scaled, and comparative research will reveal an entirely new understanding of the field.
2004, April 8–9
Short SeminarDoing Indigenous Research: Theory and Practice
Katrin H. Lamon Resident ScholarA Bitter Lesson: Chippewas and the Government Boarding School Experience, 1879-1940

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