Barbara King

The Origins of LanguageSAR Press PublicationThe Origins of Language: What Nonhuman Primates Can Tell UsIn The Origins of Language, ten primatologists and paleoanthropologists conduct a comprehensive examination of the nonhuman primate data, discussing different views of what language is and suggesting how the primatological perspective can be used to fashion more rigorous theories of language origins and evolution.
1996, October 13–17
Advanced SeminarEvolution of LanguageRecent studies of nonhuman primates suggest that monkeys and apes have semantic, representational, and possibly symbolic communication. This advanced seminar was convened to apply an evolutionary perspective to the question of language development.
The Information ContinuumSAR Press PublicationThe Information Continuum: Evolution of Social Information Transfer in Monkeys, Apes, and HominidsThe Information Continuum creates a synthetic view of the evolution of communication among primates. King contends that the crucial element in the evolution of information acquisition and transfer is the acquired ability to donate information to others.
Weatherhead Resident ScholarBaboon Foraging and Social Transmission of Information: Implications for Studying Human Origins

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