Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellows

Loren Aragon. Loren Aragon

The School of Advanced Research is pleased to welcome Loren Aragon as the 2017 Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellow. Aragon comes from Acoma Pueblo and is the founder of ACONAV, a fashion brand specializing in women’s couture evening wear. He was awarded first place at the Santa Fe Indian Market Designer Challenge in the Adult Contemporary category in 2016.

Carol Emarthle-Douglas, 2016 Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellow Carol Emarthle-Douglas

The School of Advanced Research is pleased to welcome Carol Emarthle-Douglas as the 2016 Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellow. An accomplished coil basket-weaver, Emarthle-Douglas was the proud recipient of the Best of Show Award for the 2015 SWAIA Indian Market. Inspired by designs from the Northern Arapaho Plains style beadwork, ledger art and parfleche designs of her mother’s people, she has also incorporated the colors and patterns of Seminole patchwork influenced by her father’s Seminole Nation of Oklahoma heritage.

Melissa Melero Melissa Melero

The School for Advanced Research is pleased to welcome Melissa Melero-Moose (Northern Paiute), as the 2015 the Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellow. Melero-Moose’s artwork consists of contemporary mixed-media abstract paintings inspired by the landscape and culture of the Numa (Northern Paiute) in Nevada. Incorporated into her paintings, organic objects, sand, rice papers, acrylic washes and mediums are layered intuitively to create an image in which the traditional Paiute life is told.

Anthony Belvado Anthony Belvado
Belvado is San Carlos Apache, from San Carlos, Arizona. A third-generation Apache fiddle maker, Belvado was taught this craft by his grandfather. Little is known about this unusual string instrument and he hopes to preserve and promote the tsíí’ edo’a’tl and other Apache arts and crafts to a wider audience.
Glenda McKay Glenda McKay
Glenda McKay is Ingalik-Athabascan. She was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and was taught the skills she uses in doll making at an early age by her mother, grandmother, and aunts. Knowing how to embroider and bead; trap, snare, and tan hides; and gather fruit, roots, bark, and plants has served her well. McKay has a much-earned reputation for personally gathering all the materials for her creations and she is known for her intricate attention to detail. While at SAR, she proposes to use traditional materials to create a doll scene called “Basket Maker.”
Louie García Louie García
Louie García (Tiwa/Piro Pueblo) is a weaver who is dedicated to the process of weaving and passing those techniques on to future generations. A regular instructor at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and at many of the Pueblos, García has been weaving since age seven.
Brent Michael Davids Brent Michael Davids
Davids is a world-renowned Mohican composer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has won numerous awards including being named one of the top twenty-nine preeminent American Choral composers by the NEA for its national celebration, American Masterpiece. Davids’s project is to compose a dramatic oratorio based around the purchase of Manhattan. The composition will be for voice and chamber ensemble and is set to premiere at the Lenape Center in New York City.
Duane Slick Duane Slick
Duane Slick is a Mesqwaki painter whose current body of work features black-and-white photo-realist paintings on linen and glass. His works have been described as “dream paintings whose aim is the exploration of matters spiritual, not physical.”
Ulysses Reid Ulysses Reid
Zia potter Ulysses Reid will embark on a very personal journey by working closely with the IARC’s Henate Collection. The collection consists of almost 200 pottery design sketches by Andres Galvan. Ulysses, who is Galvan’s grandson, will be producing pottery and using the sketches in honor of his grandfather.
Jeffrey Gibson Jeffrey Gibson
Jeffrey Gibson is a painter and installation artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He is Mississippi Band of Choctaw and Cherokee.
Jason Garcia Jason Garcia
Jason, who has been working in clay for the past fifteen years and primarily on tiles since 2001, comes from a long line of traditional and contemporary Pueblo potters that includes his parents, Gloria (Goldenrod) and John Garcia.
Randy Chitto Randy Chitto
Randy Chitto, a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw, has been chosen as the 2006 Ronald N. and Susan Dubin Native American Artist Fellow.
Everett Pikyavit Everett Pikyavit
Everett Pikyavit, Moapa Band of Paiutes, is the 2005 Ronald N. and Susan Dubin Native American Fellow. His work includes all traditional Southern Paiute and Goshute styles: open and closed twined winnowers, conical burden baskets, seed beaters, hats, water jugs, cradleboards, and various types and sizes of coiled baskets. Traditional material he uses include devil’s claw, yucca, juncus grass, sumac, and native Nevada willow.
Marcus Amerman Marcus Amerman
Marcus is a painter, sculptor, and an extraordinary bead worker. He began doing beadwork at the age of ten, he says, “as a response to growing up in a very creative environment. Almost everyone in my extended family did beadwork for our own personal use and for adornment as Indians and pow-wow participants, and I quite naturally adopted and adapted this family tradition.”
Elijah Naranjo Smith Elijah Naranjo Smith
We are pleased to welcome Elijah Naranjo Smith, the 2003 Ron & Susan Dubin Native American Artist Fellow. Elijah is from Santa Clara Pueblo and comes from a long line of Santa Clara potters. He works with traditional clays and firing methods to produce black, brown, and red combination pots with sgrafitto designs.
Mateo Romero Mateo Romero
Kalley Keams Lucero Kalley Keams Lucero
Kalley Keams Lucero, a Navajo weaver from Scottsdale, Arizona, has been chosen as the Ronald and Susan Dubin Native American Artist Fellow. A life-long weaver, she says, “I am determined to keep learning all aspects of Navajo weaving through contact with other Navajo weavers, scholars, collectors, museum collections, and any other resource I can find.”
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