Arroyo Hondo Grants Program

Advanced students or scholars interested in using Arroyo Hondo Pueblo archeological collection at the School for Advanced Research as part of their own research may apply for grant support up to $2,000. This program enables scholars and students to build on the intensive research and publication previously conducted at Arroyo Hondo Pueblo.

This large, 14th-century site located near Santa Fe, New Mexico, was the subject of extensive excavations by SAR in the early 1970s. The 350,000-object collection and all associated records are permanently housed in a renovated repository at SAR, with new adjacent research facilities.

Funds will go to support the highest-caliber projects from a select pool of applicants, with an emphasis on the most advanced and innovative research design and methodology. The award may be used to fund research costs on- or off-campus.

How to Apply

All inquiries and application materials should be sent to scholar[at] Please specify "Arroyo Hondo Grants Program" in the subject line. There is no application deadline. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Step 1. Please submit a one-page summary of your project that includes your project's objective, scope of work, methodology, broader contribution, and a preliminary budget.

Step 2. If the project summary is found to be within the scope of SARs mission, an invitation to submit a full grant application will follow.

Step 3. Grant applications should explain the project's:

  • Objective and key questions to be addressed
  • Scope of work
  • Methodology
  • Your background and qualifications
  • How the project is of broad importance to the Arroyo Hondo site and the field of archaeology
  • Anticipated outcomes (e.g., publications, presentations)

In addition, contact information for faculty advisor or other supervisor should be provided on the application cover sheet.

The application must include:

  • Arroyo Hondo Grants Cover Sheet (PDF, 261 KB) 
  • Proposal, not to exceed six double-spaced pages, addressing the criteria listed above
  • Short bibliography, not to exceed one single-spaced page, of references cited in the proposal
  • Curriculum vitae, not to exceed four single-spaced pages
  • Detailed project budget, including the portion of the budget for which Arroyo Hondo Grants Program funds are being requested and other funding sources requested for the project

All submissions will be acknowledged within 72 hours.

Requirements for Funded Projects

Within two months of project completion, the researcher is required to submit a 1,500 word report, suitable for dissemination through SAR's website, annual report, and other publications. The report should include a brief description of the project's purpose, goals, scope of work, progress to date, and next steps. The summary should be as clear and jargon-free as possible and should convey a sense of the project's broader significance to the Arroyo Hondo site and the field of archaeology.

Please acknowledge the School for Advanced Research Arroyo Hondo Grants Program in all publications resulting from Arroyo Hondo Grant funded work and send a copy of those publications to the Director of Scholar Programs.

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