Annual Report

2014 SAR Annual Report2014 SAR Annual Report2014 SAR Annual Report

We are pleased to provide you with our latest Annual Report. You will note a subtle name change: “review” has become “report.” This reflects a shift from a retrospective view to a more forward-looking presentation of SAR’s mission and future plans — an implicit invitation to join us as the institution moves ahead.

If you would like more copies, please call Suzanne Grayson at 505-954-7211.

2013–2014 Annual Review (PDF, 7 MB)
2012–2013 Annual Review (PDF, 6 MB)
2011–2012 Annual Review (PDF, 6 MB)
2010–2011 Annual Review (PDF, 2 MB)
2009–2010 Annual Review (PDF, 1 MB)
2008–2009 Annual Review (PDF, 4 MB)
2007–2008 Annual Review (PDF, 7 MB)
2006–2007 Annual Review (PDF, 7 MB)
2005–2006 Annual Review (PDF, 4 MB)

The School for Advanced Research gratefully acknowledges the very generous support of the Paloheimo Foundation for publication of this report. The foundation’s grant honors the late Leonora Paloheimo and her mother, Leonora Curtin, who served on the Board of Managers of the School from 1933 to 1972.

Sponsored by Paloheimo Foundation

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