Annual Review

2012–2013 Annual Review2012–2013 Annual Review2012–2013 Annual Review

For more than a century, the yearly publication of knowledge has been at the heart of SAR’s mission. The Annual Review encapsulates the School’s efforts in support of this mission, providing a summary of the year’s accomplishments along with our financial report and acknowledgments. To reach the widest possible audience, SAR publishes both a digital and a print version of this overview. If you prefer the printed page, please request a complimentary copy below.

The 2012–2013 Annual Review (PDF, 6 MB) is now available for download.

The 2011–2012 Annual Review: Soul Food, 2010–2011 Annual Review: Words, and 2009–2010 Annual Review: Work That Matters are also available online.

Digital versions (PDF) from the past few years are available below; printed copies of these or of earlier annual reports are available by contacting (505) 954-7200 or info[at]

2011–2012 Annual Review (PDF, 6 MB)
2010–2011 Annual Review (PDF, 2 MB)
2009–2010 Annual Review (PDF, 1 MB)
2008–2009 Annual Review (PDF, 4 MB)
2007–2008 Annual Review (PDF, 7 MB)
2006–2007 Annual Review (PDF, 7 MB)
2005–2006 Annual Review (PDF, 4 MB)

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