Angela Garcia

Crumpled Paper BoatSAR Press PublicationCrumpled Paper Boat: Experiments in Ethnographic Writing

Crumpled Paper Boat is a book of experimental ventures in ethnographic writing, an exploration of the possibilities of a literary anthropology. These original essays from notable writers in the field blur the boundaries between ethnography and genres such as poetry, fiction, memoir, and cinema.

2014, October 7–9
Questioning the Global in Global PsychiatryShort SeminarQuestioning the “Global” in Global PsychiatryThis seminar worked to develop a complex and ethnographically grounded counter-narrative to that of the seemingly self-evident ascent of neurobiological psychiatry. Using analyses of the ways in which global psychiatry is responding to an expanding gap between clinical care and experimental laboratory research, and through the exploration of psychiatric conceptualizations of culture and its role in the genesis, expression, and treatment of mental illness, seminar participants focused on probing differences within global psychiatry.
2013, April 21–25
Literary AnthropologyAdvanced SeminarLiterary AnthropologyThis advanced seminar examined the place of literary craft in contemporary anthropology, focusing attention on forms of transformative encounter provoked by the reading and writing of anthropological literature. The seminar was intended both as a forum for conceptual discussion and as an intensive workshop for the collaborative development of innovative forms of anthropological prose.

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