Alison Wylie

1998, April 18–24
Advanced SeminarDoing Archaeology as a Feminist: Moving from Theory to PracticeIn April 1998, nine archaeologists, one historian, and a philosopher gathered for an advanced seminar on the implications of feminist commitments for the discipline of archaeology.
1997, May 18–22
Advanced SeminarEvolving New Strategies for Conserving Cultural PropertiesA special seminar was held in May 1997 to examine the worldwide crisis brought about by the market for antiquities illicitly removed from ancient sites.
Making Alternative HistoriesSAR Press PublicationMaking Alternative Histories: The Practice of Archaeology and History in Non-Western SettingsAfter working in Third World contexts for more than a century, many archaeologists from the West have yet to hear and understand the voices of their colleagues in non-Western cultural settings. In Making Alternative Histories, eleven scholars from Africa, India, Latin America, North America, and Europe debate and discuss how to respond to the erasures of local histories by colonialism, neocolonial influences, and the practice of archaeology and history as we know them today in North America and much of the Western world.

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