Alex W. Barker

2016, May 12–14
Spiro Mounds Iconography Presidential SeminarShort SeminarSpiro Mounds Iconography Presidential SeminarThis SAR Presidential Seminar brought together a dozen prominent archaeologists to reassess the artifacts, symbols, and motifs recovered from the Craig Mound, part of Spiro Mounds archaeological site in eastern Oklahoma, in preparation for an upcoming exhibition titled, Recovering Ancient Spiro.
The Futures of Our PastsSAR Press PublicationThe Futures of Our Pasts: Ethical Implications of Collecting Antiquities in the Twenty-first CenturyOwnership of “the past”—a concept invoking age-old struggles to possess and control ancient objects—is an essential theme in understanding our global cultural heritage. Beyond ownership, however, lies the need for stewardship: the responsibility of owners, possessors, and others interested in ancient objects to serve as custodians for the benefit of present and future generations.

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