Akhil Gupta

2014, November 2–6
The Promise Of InfrastructureAdvanced SeminarThe Promise of InfrastructureThis seminar used ethnographic research to theorize infrastructure as cultural forms and materializations of certain ideas of order and social inequality in cross cultural contexts.
DemocracySAR Press PublicationDemocracy: Anthropological ApproachesWhile previous scholars of democracy have proposed one definitive model after another, the authors in this work suggest that democracy is by nature an open ended set of questions about the workings of power—questions best engaged through the dialogical processes of fieldwork and ethnographic writing.
2005, March 6–10
Advanced SeminarToward an Anthropology of DemocracyFunded in part by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc., the seminar set out to “deepen understanding, reconfigure frameworks, and rewrite the terms of debate” by encouraging scholars to examine the forms democracy takes as it emerges around the world. Through research in Peru, Ecuador, Mozambique, Japan, Guatemala, India, and the U.S., participants focused on how freedom, rights, popular sovereignty, citizenship, rule of law, and political equality are received and executed where cultural roots of these ideas often predate any formal introduction of democracy.

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