Evolving New Strategies for Conserving Cultural Properties

Advanced Seminar

May 18–22, 1997

A special seminar was held in May 1997 to examine the worldwide crisis brought about by the market for antiquities illicitly removed from ancient sites. Ten individuals representing widely different points of view met at the School in an effort to understand the broad issues related to the loss of cultural properties worldwide. Participants were selected to represent Native peoples, strategies of developing countries, collectors, dealers, subsistence diggers, museums, archaeologists, conservationists, economic development strategies, and cross cultural perspectives on ethical philosophical issues. “Cultural property” is seen as a highly constructed (primarily Western) concept with different meaning to different interest groups across the spectrum examined by conference participants. Participants’ perspectives ranged from doing nothing to stem the rampant looting across the globe, to massive economic programs and other forms of intervention.

Duane Anderson, Chair School of American Research
Michael M. Cernea Sociology & Social Policy, World Bank, Washington, DC Economics of Conserving Cultural Heritage
Margaret MacLean Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, CA Fostering Preservation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
David Matsuda California State University, Hayward, CA Huecheros: The Anthropology of Looters
Souren Melikian Art Editor, Paris Herald-Tribune Collector's Philosophy
John Morris Commissioner of Archaeology, Belize Relationship of Cultural Heritage to National Economies
Vernon L. Scarborough University of Cincinnati, Ohio An Archaeologist's Perspective
Richard Shweder University of Chicago, IL Understanding 'Cultural Heritage' within Diverse World Views
Gerald Stiebel Owner, Rosenberg & Stiebel, New York, NY Dealer's Perspective
Martin Sullivan Director, Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ Museums and the Public Interest
Rina Swentzell Conservation and Preservation: An Indigenous Perspective
Alison Wylie University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario Cross-Cultural Perspective on Philosophical Issues

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